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What is the quality guarantee of your CD DVD Replication and Duplication product?We will state one more time that no product we have shipped in the last 7 years has been returned.

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Why we are best for CD and DVD Replication

ISOMEDIA, Your full turn-key partner of media manufacturing!

We are centrally located to our customers in the San Francisco Bay Area with our Facility in Fremont, California. We are a certified factory and all production is done on-site. We are committed to offering 5 - 7 day turn around times to our customers for retail-ready projects. Sometimes, it is even shorter for simple or short run CD and DVD Duplication projects.

You can take advantage of lower shipping costs to most locations in Northern California, usually 1-2 business days by FedEx or UPS Ground.

Of course, picking up your order in person at our factory is always an option.

We welcome anyone to stop by anytime for a plant tour to let us demonstrate our CD and DVD production processes and State of Art equipment so that you can tell the difference from the small scale duplication shop or broker. We offer one-on-one consultation sessions with any of our trained Sales reps to ensure all of your questions and concerns are addressed before production actually begins.

Our services includes:

- CD / DVD Replication
- CD / DVD Duplication
- Silkscreen/Offset printing
- Graphic Design for CD and DVD face
- Variable CD/ DVD packaging methods
- CD Jewel Case / DVD Amaray Case, Polywrap

Please contact us for your free quote. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. For short run duplication, please refer to our online quote form.

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