CD / DVD Duplication and Replication


What is the quality guarantee of your CD DVD Replication and Duplication product?We will state one more time that no product we have shipped in the last 7 years has been returned.

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Encoding and Authoring

ISOMEDIA, Local CD DVD Duplication, Replication and Printing.

EncodingAuthoringIsomedia also offers Encoding and Authoring to create your DVD-5 or DVD-9 masters. You have invested money and time in your video project; please do not try to use consumer type software to do your own mastering. We have seen over the last few years that most of self-made DVD masters we are given to work with do not meet the industry standards currently in use. If you are not familiar with such processes as Rendering, Sound Channel, Synchronization and Layer Break, we strongly advise against trying to do these things yourself.

Our service cost will be $ 350.00 for DVD 5 and $ 550.00 for DVD 9 which includes a check disk for verification. Also, one minor change is allowed after verification. However, each additional modification will cost $ 100.00. We can work with all your source materials even your portable computer drive.

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